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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What’s occurring?

At last the weather has brightened a little so yesterday I was able to get out into the garden & do a bit of overdue tidying.

The Patient Gardener has been bemoaning the fact that things have just been too miserable to get out & do much constructive & even I was beginning to feel a bit frustrated at not being able to do anything much! At last I got round to sweeping the front path of leaves so I didn’t get sued by the milkman when he slips with his semi-skimmed. I had actually given him a teeny little walkway through the middle of the leaves but there is no point sweeping until they have all come off the tree now is there. I did a few more bits of sweeping & trimming & then this morning I had a little wander round to see what had been happening in my absence on the other side of the glass.

Garden 9 December 2009 002 Garden 9 December 2009 006 Garden 9 December 2009 017

The camellias have got huge buds on them, a hellebore is flowering its socks off, primulas are starting to flower but all blooms are being nibbled by slugs & snails which must be on cloud nine with this wet & relatively mild weather, the viburnum tinus is starting to flower as is the Fargesia nitida.

Garden 9 December 2009 016 Mine began flowering last year so I kept cutting out the flowering shoots & fed it up & we survived one more season so I will try the same this time & just hope we can pull through the crisis. The sparrows & starlings have virtually eaten all the seeds from the cordyline. I was glad to add something new to the menu here: I mean the birds only have sunflower hearts, niger seeds, fat balls, peanuts & mealworms.

Garden 9 December 2009 010 Garden 9 December 2009 012

It is cheering to see the seed heads of the Iris foetidissima glowing in my woodland (1 silver birch!). Should I scrub its bark for the best winter show – probably not! Bulbs are beginning to peak through in various parts of the garden: the iris reticulata are poking through the gravel in my (fairly) newly planted sink which I did after seeing some lovely examples at the Wisley Flower Show. The obvious gap is a hosta just in case you were wondering.

Garden 9 December 2009 008

As for Christmas which is apparently looming, well the tree has been bought & will sit in a bucket outside until the weekend before the big day. The cake has been made. Victoria made me feel quite inadequate.

Garden 9 December 2009 022   Garden 9 December 2009 024







I have bought a few presents, including a few for myself, but that is it! It is only Christmas after all……….


  1. Ooooh love the stone trough Ms B and that cake looks rather good too...

    RO :o)

  2. I'm glad it looks like a stone trough RO; it is an old butler sink covered with hypertufa. And I am quite pleased with the cake!!

  3. How crafty (you certainly had me fooled)! They both look fab ;o)

  4. We meet again, Ms B... (said in James Bond villain style)

    I like your woodland garden, the white of the birch really stands out against the fence.

    The hypertufa trough looks delicious, and the cake is beautiful. Er...strike that. Reverse it.

  5. How come you didn't bring me a piece of that lovely cake today you Lazy Trollop!

  6. I'm doing rather better on the presents to me front instead of the presents to others :o

    What a fab looking cake - post more pictures like that on here and I suspect you could set up in business ready to exploit all your suddenly ravenous readers :)

  7. Rob, I think you may possibly have lost the plot there!
    Arabella,much as you are special,not that special.
    VP, setting up in business implies a certain amount of organisational ability...............

  8. ...and not being a lazy trollop! ;)

  9. VP, it's almost as if you know me - uncanny :)