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Thursday, 3 December 2009

What does Santa like to do in his garden?

Hoe Hoe Hoe!

Well, I thought I would try to get a bit festive. I'm sure things will change rapidly once our very own christmas nazi is home from University next week: "Ooooh, I'm so excited mum. Have you got the tree yet? Have you ordered the turkey?" And that was about 2 weeks ago!

Another joke.........Precipitation was falling from the sky one winters day in a Communist state far far away. A couple were arguing fiercely about whether it was rain or snow. "Ah" said the wife "there's comrade Rudolph, we should ask him if this is rain or snow.  Comrade Rudolph, please tell us, is this rain or snow falling from the sky?" After Comrade Rudolph had carefully considered the situation he settled the argument. "There you are" said the husband" Rudolph the red knows rain dear!"

Oh well, it made me smirk!


  1. Ow that hurt!

    I had to come over from the Constant Gardener to congratulate you on your most festive hattywat :)

  2. VP, thank you. I felt I should make some small effort for the festive season, & it was a small effort!!