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Thursday, 17 December 2009

What a difference a day makes…….

I was accused yesterday of not blogging for ages & being a lazy trollop…………………yes, ‘and the point is’ as that very annoying little phrase goes!
I could have blogged about being a domestic goddess & making jams & chutneys or steeping magical ingredients in vodka for delectable Christmas pressies but I couldn’t possibly reveal all that hard work, where would my lazy trollop street cred be?

I have also been extremely busy thinking about biscuits, & that is very taxing work I can assure you, particularly the extensive road tests I have to carry out at great personal expense & risk.
So, instead of all that I will show you the before & after pictures of the effect of all that exciting snow yesterday on my garden.
Snow 16 Dec 2009 003
Snow 16 Dec 2009 004 004
Snow 16 Dec 2009 009
Dramatic or what!  Well it is for suburban SW London in December! The sad thing is that once the snow had started to fall I found myself singing Christmas songs. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


  1. The Bedsock and I made a load of Rumtopf one year (using the best rum he could find) and we bottled the rum soaked fruit and packaged it all up beautifully and gave some of them to friends for prezzies. They then languished in various larders for years as nobody seemed to really like the stuff but us! Terribly potent as I remember. If you want to give some of the jams, chutneys and vodka stuff to a good home you know where I live...

  2. Didn't you just blog the other day?

    The jams look great with the labels scraped off... (just go along with it, and you can keep your title of Lazy Trollop).

    No fresh snow here yet, though I'm looking nervously outside every few minutes. I think it might be time to start hibernating.

  3. Hmmm, some big flakes falling as I write. Hibernation looks to be a good idea Rob.

    Ms Sock, I always like the sound of Rumtopf (although I think using best rum is a bit OTT). The fruit with a dollop od ice creammmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  4. I hate to be pedantic (well, no I don't really, I am naturally pedantic and I might as well go with it) but those look to me like after and before pictures rather than before and after pictures ;)