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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous No.2


This was the glorious display on the Plantagogo stand at the Wisley Flower Show. The photo does not really do it justice: all the heucheras, tiarellas & heucherellas really glowed in the morning gloom as did the euonymus (top right).

Victoria has already written about the show & her less than speedy journey there. Sunday morning was no problem, in fact we seemed to have arrived just after we had left home, but the car park was filling up quickly just after 9am.

The stalls did look particularly nice with the white tents snaking along the path from the restaurant to the glasshouse & there were some lovely displays.

018An interesting way of displaying plants: not sure what would happen in the rain!

012013I particularly liked the different displays of sinks planted with a variety of plants. I am now going to chuck the sempervivums out of mine & replant something like the bottom example.

024 Another lovely display of hostas.


The colours of this combination of plants was glorious.

Now I am not really a great fan of flower arranging, I’m a bung ‘em in a vase kind of person, but we had a little peruse of the offerings in the NAFAS tent. There were some quite incredible & complex displays on show & it was fascinating reading the judges comments on every entry. I did love one particular entry which had won its category, though I forget what that was!! I am not sure that photos do it justice. ‘Simple, yet effective’.



So, HRT. Of course we had to buy something, sorry, things, despite Mr B announcing we were not to spend any money. Personally I think it was the consumption of a large piece of bread pudding that softened him up!

Having decided to change our ‘alpine’ sink we bought a Blechnum spicant from Fernatix, a Heucherella from Plantagogo & a teeny tiny hosta, Blue Mouse Ears, from Mickfield hostas. Then finally, from the latter we treated ourselves to a Hosta Sum & Substance: a giant that we have always slightly lusted after.

003002At last, the sublime to the ridiculous of the title. Even the lady from Mickfield hostas had a laugh when she sold us these 2 specimens!

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