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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Alien bodies?

Alien bodies 001Alien bodies 002

Or are they some kind of strange insect larvae?

I have just dug these, actually loads of them, out of the ‘soon to be re-vamped’ flower bed. They do look a bit other-wordly don’t you think?


  1. Oh noo...
    You dug them up.
    Did nobody warn you? to disturb their 1000 year rest will bring the curses of a hideously vengeful confluence of ghouls upon your head.
    Flee, Flee to the hills before your hair turns to vermicelli and your toenails tie themselves into clove hitches.

    (alternatively they might be Crocosmia corms: although that would be the dull answer).

  2. I was going to answer that they were crocosmia corms, but James's first ID is much better :oP

  3. My cats poo looks a bit like that. Sorry to bring the tone down again but it's true.

  4. Of course crocosmia is boring. James, your lyrical waxing was so much more, well barmy actually, but i enjoy barmy.

    The corms belong to Lucifer which has been in the garden some time. I had never seen quite so many 'threaded' together like that.

    As for you Ms Sock, I am rather sorry for your cat!