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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Victoria’s Verdant Wandsworth Wonderland

I was trying to think of a title all with v’s, but I could only think of Victoria’s Verdant Verges which didn’t seem quite respectful enough!

I am a relatively recent reader of Victoria’s blog, discovered whilst idly clicking on names on another blog. As a resident of SW London myself I kept reading & was interested in her writing. So it was not far to go when she opened her garden on Sunday as part of the ‘Yellow Book’ garden openings, aka NGS. I love having a good nose round other people’s gardens, particularly small ones like my own, to see what they have been able to achieve with a little imagination & much hard work.

Victoria’s garden is larger than mine, not that I am jealous of course, & I found a delightful & very calm green oasis. Again, not like my busy crammed space.



It had many large tropical or tropical looking plants which gave an exotic feel.



A huge phormium was very dominant.

006I loved the fact that there were several places to sit out. My favourite was the pond which was a good size, high enough & with a wide edge so it could be sat on comfortably & I thought he box balls at the base of the pond were a nice touch – but then I do like box balls!

005I suppose I have always had a (very) vague fantasy that one day I could open my garden, but in reality, even if the overall design was adequate, the effort of getting it into a tidy & respectable space would probably be beyond me! Mr B would hate it too! But I can still dream of people admiring my little space. We all have to have our little fantasies & in the meantime, respect to Victoria & others who do put in all the effort, raise money for charity & let us have a little snout round other back gardens.


  1. I'll come and admire your garden if you make me a nice cake with my name on it.

    I'm rather jealous that you saw Victoria's garden - nice to put a garden to a name.

  2. Like Arabella I am also rather jealous that you saw Victoria's garden, and I enjoyed seeing her garden through your eyes.

  3. Arabella, it's a deal! The cake should perhaps be a victoria sponge!! You may need a machete - forthe garden, not the cake.

    Karen, unfortunately I was not able to say 'Hi' to Victoria as she was very busy doing an interview. I would have liked to have taken more pictures but hate having people in them: tricky as the garden was fullof visitors so it was just tad tricky!

  4. Hi Ms B, I hope you don't mind, I've tagged you for a meme over on my blog - no pressure to take part!

  5. That meme is the perfect way for you to tell everyone about those nice Chris Beardshaw knickers you got for a birthday pressie once. I hope you haven't lost them!

  6. Thanks HM. I love taking photos & at the very least this blog gives me somewhere to post a few!