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Sunday, 30 August 2009

I spent the evening making alien ears & antennae!

I had hoped to write at length about my recent visit to Great Dixter accompanied by beautiful photos of the glorious planting............

Unfortunately 45 minutes after joining the M25 we decided it was probably best to leave at the next exit (M23) & go elsewhere as we were going nowhere extremely slowly! Wakehurst Place we thought: always an enjoyable place to visit (Kew in the countryside), the M3 was remarkably clear..........

Surprisingly, as we left the M3 we hit another jam, so slowly round the roundabout & back onto the M3 (such a delightful motorway) deciding we might in fact go down to Brighton but left at the next exit to make a 2nd attempt the Wakehurst trip. This time it was not too bad, until we hit another queue of other vehicles obviously leaving the jam we were avoiding. I hope you are all keeping up!

We did get there, just in time for a pleasant lunch of watercress soup, bread, local cheese & an apple before avoiding showers in the grounds. At one point we sheltered in the house where there was a fascinating fireplace: from cherubums to mammarymums!

After more sheltering which involved a cup of tea & a delicious piece of cake we decided to return home at least noting that the weather had not been suitable for a trek to Great Dixter.

Anyway, enough of fascinating days out, I am sure you all want to know about the alien's ears! Or probably not. My daughter is about to move down to 'sock country' shortly to spend 3 years doing something terribly useful which will not equip her to keep her aged parents in the manner to which they have become accustomed. Before this she is off to 'Bestival' on the Isle of Wight, the last night of which is a fancy dress night, this year's theme being space. Daughter & friend are going as the aliens from Toy Story. Daughter may be artistic but she is not practical whereas I love making things & will even cast aside the Lazy Trollopness if I have a little project to do. Hence last night was spent making a set of alien ears & antenna, modelled below by another family member.


  1. Your trip sounds like it was particularly tedious. Have you been to Great Dixter before? I haven't been, but may go some time next month.

    I'm glad you made it to see Victoria's backyard! I was really very enthused after seeing it, it's such a lovely garden.

  2. It was particularly tedious Rob. We went to Great Dixter about 3 years ago. The planting was wonderful: very much a plantsman's garden. We saw Christopher Lloyd pottering about talking to people which was nice to see. I think I would like to go in Spring.