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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shame the harpist had white wibbly wobbly arms!

My last entry was about my birthday, & so too is this one, but only in order to introduce something of, I hope, slightly more interest. A couple of months ago my sister told me to make sure I was available to go somewhere in the late afternoon of Friday 14 August. My present from her was 2 tickets to an Evening Soiree at Nymans gardens. So that is where Mr B & I found ourselves on Friday evening.

Unfortunately it was a slightly longer than ideal journey: going towards the south coast on a late Friday afternoon in the summer is always a potential traffic jam although in fact it was not too awful. On arrival we were greeted with a glass of wine, asked to choose our dishes & then were allowed to wander round the garden until the meal was served at 7pm. It was actually very lovely: the sun had come out after a day which I could liken to sitting inside a plastic box, it was just setting giving a lovely light, the gardens were of course almost deserted which is always a plus so it was a very an enjoyable experience. Sadly it was all too short & we had to go for our meal.






The food was pleasant but not exciting & was served to the accompaniment of harp music. That was also pleasant but not exciting & luckily I was sitting with my back to the harpist. Why luckily? Well, because I, & indeed Mr B found her upper arms most mesmerising & I must confess, not entirely pleasant! The lady in question was very pale & was wearing a black strapless number which I am sure looked delightful in the mirror, but the way we saw it was as she was playing the harp so we got a great deal of white wobbly upper arm, under arm (not wobbly) & finally back, slightly overlapping top of dress!

It was actually a pleasant enough evening. It would have been improved if we had been able to have a longer meander & if it had been nearer to home. I wonder if Ham House do something similar. Am I sounding ungrateful? I don’t mean to because it was a lovely thought from my sister.

And finally, my cherubums……………………………

DSC_0035 DSC_0037


  1. There ought to be a category in EmmaT's Emsworth Village Show (http://emsworthvillage2009.blogspot.com/) for best Putee's Buttock.
    It would be a hard fought competition.

  2. The ONLY way to eat, I find, is with the rippling sound (and indeed arms) of a harpist at work.

    Looks like a splendid garden! What a great idea for a birthday present too.

  3. JA-S, googling Putee did not help me! What is it?

    The rippling arm does not do it justice Rob! I would have loved to have filmed the effect!

  4. Try Putto or Putti - it's Italian innit?

  5. hello! how are you?
    sunny greeting from Bali island ^^

  6. I saw the most amazing statue in the museum at Olympia. I have forgotten who it was supposed to be of but what I do remember is the extraordinarily beautiful curve into the small of the man's back and out into the firm, apple, buttocks. It was quite exquisite and for a moment took my breath away.

    Of course the Greeks know how to appreciate a good male bum. Is MW's wife Greek?

  7. Thank you for your help Fat Rascal. I just got that accusatory 'Did you mean puttee' when I googled the word.

    Arabella, there are some extraordinarily beautiful statues of the male body. Then we are faced with the realities of life!

  8. Apologies my spelling was hurried and inaccurate. A puttee is something completely different to do with wrapping the calves and keeping the trousers bottoms out of the mud- superseded by canvas and leather gaiters . Not to be confused with a puggaree which is a hat band.

    Ah, the days of apple buttocks, where did they go? Mr Beardshaw has the only pair left in the country. He works on them every morning between 5:30 and 9:00am. The secret is a combination of Pilates, aerobic clenching and massage (with chili oil and attar of roses)