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Thursday, 19 November 2009

What is the point……….

……..of growing chrysanths with such big flowers that they have to be                                                                                               Wisley 15 Nov 2009 035  supported by card


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wisley 15 Nov 2009 036

or wire?




I quite like chrysanths as they provde some lovely autumn flower colour & come in all sorts of shapes & sizes with some even looking like a fireworks display but the above seems to be a bit of a pointless exercise, even for showing.

They were in the glasshouse at Wisley when I went for a wander round on an incredibly beautiful Sunday morning where the air seemed to have been cleansed by the horrendous weather the previous day.

Wisley 15 Nov 2009 019

Wisley 15 Nov 2009 041


  1. Some of the most beautiful things in life are pretty useless. My mother used to say to me "You are neither use nor ornament" well she was defo wrong on the second count as I am a very pretty Sock indeed!

  2. Perhaps by 'ornament' she meant as in paperweight.
    I can think of nothing less suited for that purpose than a cashmere sock.

  3. But just think what you can do with a sock full of something heavy: lethal & weapon are 2 words that spring to mind. Pretty deadly.

  4. Or there is the possibility of being a wind sock - something that the Bedsock frequently accuses me of!