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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Now I’ve got a new hattiewat too!

I was very envious of the Sock’s new hattiewat. I have been on a search for a suitable titfer for many years. The occasional purchase on the wave of a ‘that doesn’t look too bad so I had better buy it’ moment inevitably leads to disappointment in the cold light of the bedroom mirror. I just do not look good in hats. This can be confirmed by a number of witnesses including Ms Sock. Added to this is the fact that I do have a rather large head (please desist from making rude comments) & so many a hat testing moment leaves me with what appears to be a tiny hat perched on the top of my head.

At long last a (hopefully reasonable) hat has been purchased, admittedly courtesy of a men’s hat department. Sadly I don’t have an acolyte trailing after me taking beautiful photos of said headgear perched atop my gloriously glossy locks. Mr B thinks it looks good so we live in hope that I have made some progress on the hattiewat front!

Wisley 15 Nov 2009 050 Hattiewat modelled by trusty companion.


  1. The model does that hat not favours.
    Is it a beret? or a cap?
    Is it really supposed to be worn sideways like that?

  2. Very pernickety!

    I do not have someone trailing after me taking wonderful pictures as did Madam Sock so I had to improvise. OK, so teddy could do with some training: he should watch America's Next Top Model or something equally informative.

    It is a cap, not to be worn sideways at any cost!

  3. It's a flat cap no?

    I've just bought a flat cap - great for gardening. I have a pretty big head (we have larger brains, Ms B), and this was the only one that really suits me.

  4. So its a felty flat cap...doesn't sound nearly glam enough for you.
    It is a bit crown green bowls.
    However I am convinced that it would be transformed when surrounded by your tumbling locks.

    (You do have tumbling locks, don't you?)

  5. It's a Steptoe cap isn't it? LOL! Perhaps I should publish that picture of MS B. I photoshopped the hat on to so you can see whether her locks tumble or not.

    I watch America's Next Top Model and I'm sure I can give you some handy hat wearing tips next time we meet up. One of them is "Don't let your cat go to sleep in your hat"

  6. James, I don't need glam, it would be just too much! And of course I have tumbling locks.

    (Sock, if you publish..........no more cakeys for you!)