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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Lazy Trollop Catch-up (day 2ish)

Garden 10 Nov 2009 006Actually I can’t be bothered to catch up any more at the moment so here are a few flower pictures instead.

Garden 10 Nov 2009 001All taken in my garden within the last few days.

Garden 10 Nov 2009 015   

Garden 10 Nov 2009 002Garden 10 Nov 2009 010


  1. Those are very vibrant photos Ms. B. and the pansies/violas? are quite immaculate rather than the usual bedraggled specimens.

  2. The Violas are very cheerful- are they from the WG?

    Nice Fuchsia too!

  3. Vigilant dead heading Ms Sock! (Pssst Violas)

    No Rob, I'm afraig WG did not have any as exotic as those: plain yellow & blue only. Mind you, when I bought those violas they looked as if they had 3 stripes of colour with the orange all across the bottom. As new flowers have grown they have not been quite so nice.

    The fuchsia is Thalia & my favourite.