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Monday, 9 November 2009

The Lazy Trollop Catch-up (day 1)

Claremont 31 Oct 2009

I am supposed to be writing myself a long list of things I must do this week. I have taken a few days off from my non-gardening work & so feel obliged to try & get on & do those things which inevitably get put off in the hustle & bustle of daily life. (Well, maybe not quite the latter.) However, being a person of the lazy trollop persuasion, my mind got to wandering.

Claremont 31 Oct 2009

Now in gardening this is the season of winding down, although if I  wind down much further I run the risk of being comatose, looking back at the year & beginning to make plans for the next year as you have more time & you are faced with the bare bones of your gardening efforts. As I was thinking about the garden I also got to thinking about this blog & thought perhaps I needed to put it through the same rigorous scrutiny. So, I have made myself a steaming cup of tea (sadly not accompanied by a biscuit of any variety) & here we go.

Claremont 31 Oct 2009

I started this blog in June, so luckily not much to look back on. I’m still not sure why I did it other than a curiosity to see if I could. In the past I have started garden diaries & never got very far so it is partly a way of keeping some very rough record of what I have been up to, both in the garden & out, & it is also good to have somewhere to post a few photos. It is no good trying to share these with Mr B as so often we are taking almost exactly the same pictures ( his are generally better than mine) & I have been weaning myself off message boards where I used to post pictures so people could “oooh & aaaaah”.

Claremont 31 Oct 2009

It might seem odd for someone writing a blog which can be read by all & sundry but I never really expected & indeed was not particularly bothered about it being read. It is however rather nice to know that there are  few rather odd people out there who do read it ( even though the large majority seem to have been doing a google search for ‘alien ears & antennae’).

Claremont 31 Oct 2009 So, enough of general clap-trap for today. I will continue this scintillating round up tomorrow.

The pictures were taken at Claremont Landscape Garden, a lovely little NT property near Esher in Surrey, taken last weekend.


  1. Just popped over from my message board to give you an Ooooh and an Ahhhhh!

    Nice pics Ms B!

  2. Pork Chop's beaten me to the ooohhs and ahhhhhs!

    Better start looking for the alien ears and antennae instead then.

    Wanders off whistling tunelessly...

  3. Thanks for those very polite oooohs & ahhhhs. And thank you for calling VP.