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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Groovy gramineae or peerless poaceae.

Kew 11Oct 2009 101

Kew 11Oct 2009 099Kew 11Oct 2009 097

Kew 11Oct 2009 098Kew 11Oct 2009 094


  1. Awww all lovely and fluffy :o)

    Great photo's MS B!

  2. Time to mow the lawn Ms. B!

  3. Wow - great photos! If I'd have seen yours beforehand, Ms B, I would have thought twice! Its a great time of year for grasses :)

  4. Thanks. I really love seeing huge clumps of grasses at this time of year. Even better if they have the sun behind them & a few droplets of moisture.

    How do you know my lawn needs mowing Rob?