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Friday, 2 October 2009

What glorious & gratifyingly green grass.


So yesterday evening I had a rather unexpected trip out & found myself sitting in front of a most ridiculously luscious green striped sward which despite heavy use from looked nigh on perfect. Why could my little little lawn not look as good.  No wonder, I saw maintenance being carried out on it later that same evening – what dedication. Not a lazy trollop lawn then!

We had a lovely walk along the Thames in the twilight to get there. To the right of where I was sitting was a little cottage, a Grade 2 listed building. The lighting showed everything to perfection once the darkness had covered the sky. Very soon we were treated to some very impressive German choral singing, to be honest a little loud for me, but it continued all evening other than a short rest break.

It was a very satisfying evening all told, completed with another walk along the Thames looking at the glittering lights of urban night-life, but was this another garden visit or some other mysterious evening out?


  1. Shall I tell you then? There was such interest hahaha!

  2. I was interested but I knew the answer as you'd already told us!

    The grass is always beautiful in those places and the groundsmen have such imagination in their mowing patterns.

    Did you have a pie and a pint?

  3. Still the mystery remains!

    One of these days I'll find out! I'm guessing it has something to do with sport...

    Another good blog title, by the way. I approve.