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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Do you want to see my bare bits?

The bed is bare 17Oct 2009 007

The bed is bare 17Oct 2009 006

The bed is bare 17Oct 2009 005

Boring I know but I thought I would let you see that I have been making progress on my wannabe Hampton Court Flower Show planting scheme! At last it is as empty as it is going to get!

Now it is struggling round my garden, tripping over pots & bags of plants, both new & from the garden, so I can corral those that are to be planted.


Above is an ‘only just started’ picture.

067 A not very good before I began picture out of the bedroom window. Actually, I now see most of the bed in question is hidden. Still it places it in the context of the larger picture or some such drivel!


  1. Bare bits are the most exciting parts of any garden because they mean that you can go and buy plants.

    that phrase can be adapted to:

    Bare bits are the most exciting part of any person because they mean you can go and buy pants.


  2. I am impressed at the multiphrasing but at the same time think perhaps there has been too much reading of Ms Sock's blog which invariably peers into the nether regions of the pants world on a regular basis.

  3. It isn't my fault that people would rather talk about pants than just about anything else! James should have started a blog about pants intead of biscuits.

    I do think the bare bits are good because all the excitement is yet to come!