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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The colours are coming to Kew

Kew 11Oct 2009 002 It has started but still has a long way to go. We need some frosts at night to really get those glorious colours at their best. In the meantime …………….

Kew 11Oct 2009 034

Kew 11Oct 2009 037

Kew 11Oct 2009 049Kew 11Oct 2009 051Kew 11Oct 2009 069

Kew 11Oct 2009 055 Kew 11Oct 2009 078Kew 11Oct 2009 059Kew 11Oct 2009 053


  1. Great photos Ms.B! Especially the one up top.

    I was never really into autumn colour until a few years ago when I worked down in Surrey. Things like Euonymus alatus and Cotinus really stood out for me.

    I like autumn, but would rather just cut to spring, rather than go through winter and "the C word" at the end of December...


  2. A trip to Kew - that's a bit unprecedented for you, isn't it?!

    Lovely photos though (as usual) :-D

  3. I really should have moved those benches in that first picture Rob.

    My dad was always into autumn colours. We would all have to pile in the car wheb the colours were at their best & go off to an apprpriately wonderful woodland. He & my mum would then get out of the car for a lovely walk whilst we 3 chidren refused to leave the vehicle & sat grumpily or squabbled until they returned.

    If you didn't have winter you would not appreciate spring so much.

    Juliet, it could be a bit of a Lazy Trollop thing or it could be that Kew is just a lovely AND handy place for a frequent visit. My only complaint is that they never serve their coffee hot enough!