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Thursday, 2 June 2011

More of my Chelsea

You are safe dear reader, I am not going to ramble on about Chelsea gardens weeks after the event when everyone has lost interest. No, this is about me, or at least a bit of my garden

I will remind you, because I expect you have forgotten, that after the Chelsea flower show last year I was enthused enough to create my own what I laughingly call my Chelsea bed. My initial rush of enthusiasm resulted in this updated in early spring to this.

These pictures show very honestly what things were looking like during Chelsea week….

Chelsea 2011 083 Chelsea 2011 085 Chelsea 2011 084Not very inspiring is it when it was looking rather nice a little while ago! Rather dominant is the dyeing foliage of the bulbs.  A 2nd phase of daffodils looked lovely but the iris which were meant to follow on are very small (1 plant divided into 3) & suffering from a severe lack of water this spring so the one potential flower shrivelled. The rose in the middle of the bed is flowering away like mad but has gone rather leggy. At least my balls have been trimmed to encourage them to thicken out a bit so now I await the flowering of Geranium Rozanne which will be the main summer colour.

I know, I could have mown the grass & tidied up behind, but I didn’t!