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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Woodn’t it be nice…


The sculptor David Nash is currently exhibiting in Kew Gardens; in fact he is artist in residence until next April. You can read all about David Nash & his sculptures at Kew here. What I love is that this is an evolving exhibition & you can see him at work in the ‘wood quarry’.

On Sunday it actually wasn’t raining, although the sky was a bit overcast, so we decided to have a look at some of his work. We didn’t see it all; we will be going back at different times of the year & in different weather conditions. Here is some of his work hopefully showing both the detail & the wider context in the gardens.

Some work was outside………

DSCN3479  David Nash 5


DSCN3484DSCN3498………and some was inside the Temperate House.

David Nash 1 David Nash 3David Nash 4 David Nash 2 DSCN3467 There was also a display of his drawings & some smaller work in the Shirley Sherwood gallery.

DSCN3491 It is interesting that these (on the whole) massive wooden or wooden looking sculptures are being exhibited in Kew gardens, the home of some wonderful trees, many of which have been there for hundreds of years & which have a fascinating history of their own. What I really love about the sculptures is that in his work on them David Nash has been able to bring out & emphasise the characteristics of the wood in its textures, its solidity, the colours & the details of its cracks & crevices. On the whole I think the natural setting helps to give the exhibition its ‘roots’.

There were some that just didn’t work for me

David Nash 6I hope to bring you more David Nash at Kew, if I get round to it of course.