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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I’ve made my Chelsea bed so now…….

Blue crocus & black grass

Last July I wrote about my delusions of grandeur as I attempted to translate some Chelsea box clouds into my own little patch of SW19. I had only got as far as planting the box balls & all that remained of the original planting was a rose vaguely positioned towards the middle of the bed & a runty clump of sedum towards the back.

It was all planted up in the early autumn & I tried oh so hard to keep the planting fairly simple & limited. Here are some spring views taken on different days towards the end of March.

24 March 201124 March 201129 March 2011

29 March 2011


  1. I think aa Silver Gilt for sure, possibly a Gold but I dont know if you have fulfilled your original brief!!!

    Love the grasses

  2. So lovely - something well worth to be proud of. I will come back with my note book and 'steal' a few ideas if you don't mind.

  3. Wow, it looks great! I love the lilac crocuses with the black ophiopogon. It makes both colours sort of shimmer.

  4. PG, how very generous. I don't think I had briefs at the time!

    Ronnie, thank you so much. If you think there is something worth a steal then steal away - metaphorically speaking of course.

    Victoria, I was so pleased with that crocus/ophiopogon combination; just perfect & that is something I don't often say. I would love to say it was planned & although it sort of was in truth it was really a happy accident!

  5. Beautiful! Love the bright yellow. I'm really looking forward to starting mine in a month or so.
    Love, Goddess