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Sunday, 10 April 2011

This was no tiptoe through the tulips…

Nymans garden 07 April 2011 007 ……more of a dive into the daffodils.

*w9iog[1] What was the ‘this’ you ask? It was a Big Day Out with the inimitable Arabella Sock**, yes, she of the 100% cashmere loveliness. So we took a walk in the park, Nymans gardens to be exact which is approximately half way between our respective abodes.

We could not have asked for better weather; the sun shone strongly,  the sky was blue & spring was springing up everywhere.

Nymans garden 07 April 2011 047Nymans garden 07 April 2011 043 Nymans garden 07 April 2011 051Nymans garden 07 April 2011 037 Nymans garden 07 April 2011 042Nymans garden 07 April 2011 039

 Nymans garden 07 April 2011 078 Nymans garden 07 April 2011 076 Nymans garden 07 April 2011 050 Nymans garden 07 April 2011 061Nymans garden 07 April 2011 070  Nymans garden 07 April 2011 026 I have never seen so many fritillaries before; an indication of it being just the perfect place for them. Photos can not do the mass of them any justice. There were several ancient wisteria preparing to burst into flower & an interesting use of field beans in the bare beds which were waiting to be planted up with summer flowering plants.

Nymans garden 07 April 2011 073It is difficult to be critical about a garden on such a gloriously sunny spring day when so much is bursting into life & the birds are singing their socks off so I abandoned any small critical faculties I possess, didn’t really think about it & just enjoyed the day.

*No animal was hurt in the taking of this photo & I have the written permission of the body in question.

** I am sure that Ms Sock will have already posted an erudite & witty entry on her blog by the time I get this finished


  1. Love Nymans apart from the thunder of the M25. the buildings are beautiful despite being a riun in parts, and the magnolia were amazing when I went. Glad you had a good time

  2. Hee hee! Your 'frit' photo is better than mine but still doesn't do full justice to the display. Love the picture of the fence and daffodils and the pattern of the wisteria pergola.

    Next time Denman's.

  3. I love Nymans. It has a special place in my heart. I was a NT Volunteer many years ago and used to do a lot of work at Nymans. Also when I was studying for exams I used to take my books and sit in the garden. Wonderful memories - the garden that is, not the study.


  4. I can't remember hearing the M25 Zoe!

    Yes, denmans next time - perfect.

    Ronnie, places become special for so many reasons don't they; memories, company, weather, time of year, mood...I could go on.