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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Yes, you can do it…..

….if you B & Q it!

Hooray, after his Sunday scrabble for stones at B&Q Wandsworth, Diarmud Gavin has won a Gold medal at Chelsea for his Irish Sky Garden.

I loved the greeness of it, sculpted trees, swathes of grasses & mounds of box surrounding numerous pools & a sinuous pathway leading to the glory of a petunia pink pod containing most of the flowers in the garden & from which a few chosen souls could see the garden at its best, from above whilst us mere mortals gazed open mouthed from below.

Diarmud’s gardens often cause mutterings & indeed this one has too, but I just love to see someone who is both daring & able to push the boundaries of garden design & if you can’t do it at Chelsea……

Chelsea 2011 156 Chelsea 2011 162 Chelsea 2011 163 Chelsea 2011 166But did he buy enough slate chippings?

Chelsea 2011 154


  1. :-D

    I liked Diarmuid's garden too, which is a phrase I never expected to use! Obviously I'd have preferred another colour pod ... ;)