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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Has he left it too late?

Stop Press

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Today assessors visit the show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show before judging tomorrow . Today will be the last minute polishing, vacuuming & dusting to make sure everything is in prime & pristine condition for the judging to begin.

So who was that looking rather panicky in B&Q Wandsworth this morning pushing a trolley with 10 bags of blue decorative slate & asking what time they closed tonight.Image1363Whose first card payment was not accepted?

Image1364 Can you spot him, yes it is a him, in the distance?

Image1366 Yes, you are right dear reader. It was himself, Diarmud Gavin of the controversial flying garden dashing about B&Q this morning possibly making up for shortfalls in his forward planning. Alternatively he could have finished & be moving on to his next job. What do you think?

I wanted to wish him all the best but had a feeling it may not be appreciated in the circumstances, but good luck anyway Diarmud.


  1. Priceless! First you eat at Little Chef now you are frequenting B&Q! Whatever next - 99p shop?

  2. Well I have found the Pound Shops a bit beyond me; don't want to seem like a snob!

  3. So so cruel - but brilliant and yes he did look a little flustered today