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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Giraffes are a go go………….

Do tell. What is it about giraffes that make them suitable garden accoutrements or ornaments?

I have been to 2 flower shows recently & at each there have been ornamental giraffes on sale to adorn your garden.

Chelsea 2011 076 Malvern Spring Show

Chelsea 2011 275 Chelsea Flower Show

Do you use them as supports for climbing plants? Do they add height to your otherwise flat & boring plot? Do you use them to add a feeling of the wide African plains to your tiny London backyard?

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want a giraffe in their garden. Do you dear reader?


  1. I'm not sure about those giant snails either...

  2. At least they do have something to do with our gardens.................

  3. I went to a plant fair a month or so ago, and they had whole families of giraffes there too. The sellers, when I asked why on earth would people want them (much to my sister's horror!) said that they apparently added instant height to people's borders without actually having to plant anything.

  4. Well to begin with you would definitely need a tall tree otherwise the Giraffes would look entirely out of place :-)

  5. I don't think even a tree would help!

  6. JRo, I think you have been thinking about these giraffes far too much!

    Perhaps behind a tree would be best!

  7. How did I miss this? Surely everyone needs a giraffe in their garden. You plug a little video camera in behind its eyes and point it over the fence so you can watch your neighbours doings.

    On the other hand I have no memory of seeing giraffes at either Chelsea or Malvern so maybe they are actually quite discreet?

  8. Ha, you were too busy trailing slebs to notice but I do like your thinking as to the best use for Gerry Giraffe.