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Thursday, 6 May 2010

For your delight & delectation

April Break 2010 067

I have lots of stuff going on at the moment & although I have various rubbish things I might or might not blog about I just haven’t the time or more likely the concentration. Just so as you know I have not forgotten you dear reader, I thought you could see some of my pictures from a few days in Southwold taking in Dunwich & Minsmere.


April Break 2010 077April Break 2010 081April Break 2010 145April Break 2010 139April Break 2010 195

April Break 2010 269

April Break 2010 174 April Break 2010 176

April Break 2010 189April Break 2010 265  OK, that will do.


  1. Delightful pictures Ms B!
    As I am current contender for least written blog, I admire your well attended one!

  2. Never tire of pebbles and beach huts.


  3. Gardenlife, not very well attended at the moment. Too much 'stuff' going on! Must get organised.

    Esther, as I took them I thought they were probably a bit boring but they do give a taste of what the place was like.