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Thursday, 22 April 2010

The bastards!

The bastards! 001The bastards! 010
The bastards! 015

I would like to add that a number of 'creatures' were harmed in the making of this blog entry!


  1. Oh no! You got the bastards x 3!!! I don't got the lily beetle but I got the vine-weevil bastards and some of the middle thingies what are they?

  2. It was you that made me check! I re-potted 1 hosta, not a sign, pot no.2 was a little different. The middle 'thingy' is some sort of caterpillar that insists upon eating my pretty gold lace primulas. The buggers hide right at the base all curled up & quiet. The fish like them. As for the lily beetle, my hands are stained red!

  3. Hideous! - the bastards. I've got the top ones (I cut them in half with a hoe)

  4. I'm growing lilies for the first time this year and am dreading finding lily beetles - not so much because I don't want them on my plants (which I don't) but because they are so photogenic I'm not sure if I'd be able to kill one. (Or some.) (Or many.) (Or any.)


  5. I still remember finding my first lily beetle many years ago now & thinking what a beautiful creature it was............that didn't last long. I am now more than happy to squish between my fingers! They do have a cunning habit of falling off upside down onto the compost - cunning move!