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Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Show Must Go On!

Having started this blogging business you do feel you have to keep going: pride rather than anything else. I did attempt a garden diary once, but just like an angst ridden teenager you start off very keenly noting every little inconsequential but oh so important detail & then after some stops & re-starts it trails off very quickly. A bit like my life & gardening really! The possibility that this whittering might have a slightly wider audience than yourself, waiting for your every word (!) does make you think a bit more about what you have achieved, or not.

Well I have thought, & the answer is still ‘Not much!’

I blame the weather! Very showery, some very very heavy so a bit tricky to get out & get things done when you have the time to do it. I know, I know, if I was a TRUE keen gardener I would be out there whatever the elements were chucking at me trying to get things done.
I did manage to train/tie in my ‘Wonga Wonga’ vine (Pandorea pandoreana Ruby Belle) as it had been waving all over the place.

This exercise involved me putting a chair on the table to reach the appropriate bits. Sounds precarious but not too much so & a damn site easier than getting the steps out of the carefully packed shed! So, progress - but that still leaves the wisteria & the rose (banksiae lutea) to get the tidy treatment.

They are still tapping on the window reminding this lazy trollop to pull her finger out!
I sowed some foxglove seeds from one of the old plants of Pam’s Choice a few days ago & they have germinated nice & promptly.

I also ‘nicked’ some little teeny primula babies from a client yesterday (she doesn’t mind me doing this I should make clear) & popped them into a seed tray. They are white drumstick flowers which looked really good when the slugs weren’t chomping them so thought I’d see if I could nurture some through to adulthood. This particular client frequently likes to get rid of plants so I have a number of rejects in my garden & currently have 3 orphans sitting in water whilst I decide their fates!
So there we are, 3 things I have achieved in the garden this week. I must rest on my laurels. Actually, as I don’t have any I shall go for resting on my settee with a glass of something delicious instead.
But before I do that, a couple of plants looking good this week. Geranium Rozanne is a real ‘doer’ & flowers all summer. Handy in a small garden

Crocosmia Lucifer is a much more exotic looking specimen which will look ace in that re-vamp I will be doing come autumn!


  1. Wow, Ms. B! I'd never heard of that Pandorea before. That Rosa banksiae looks amazing too - probably the only rose I'd ever grow. Hope the plants from the shop are behaving themselves.....

  2. I'll take a couple of pictures of the plants 'specially for you!
    The Pandorea came from one of the RHS shows at Victoria. I was a bit worried when it had icicles hanging off it this winter but it was fine.

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