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Thursday, 2 July 2009

In for a penny........

Having pondered this great adventure for some time, I might as well write something 'proper' or I will be even more of an LT than usual & give up before I have started. But what to write about?

I am very embarassed to say that I still have my 'winter' window box & hanging basket out at the front of the garden. They look rubbish as you can see. Not a good advert for someone who has twice won the front garden competition! Now this is not all pure laziness I can assure you. It is a combination of working alternate Saturdays, driving up to Norfolk to see aged parent at least once a month & finally knowing that we were going away for a week & realising that the remaining occupant of the house could just about see the need to feed the cat but would not be able to place much importance on watering.

In the past Mr B & I would get up early on a Sunday & visit Columbia Road Flower Market: a truly enjoyable experience accompanied by a very nice breakfast. We would get loads of cheap bedding for pots & infills. There was also a lovely plant shop which sold rather more unusual plants. An example is a lovely purple leaved Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea' bought there a few years ago, sadly no longer with us. After our market trip we would often go to Tate Modern as it was opening, have a second very delicious breakfast (early rising makes you hungry) & then take in some art before home & the Sunday papers. Always a very satisfactory day. With the time constraints already mentioned & a slight change to the parking situation near the market which would have meant an even earlier start we have not been so I had to look elswhere for a few plants to restore some pride in my front garden. Where else to go but a very nice local garden shop for a few basics to provide a little 'better late than never' colour.
I anticipate posting some improvements to the situation very soon!

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