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Thursday, 16 December 2010

We had lights, we had cameras…….


The place: Wisley.

The time: 18.30.

The problem: too many small people & Surrey type 4x4 buggies in the dark.

 Image1089 DSCN1729 Image1086 DSCN1716 Image1107 DSCN1717 Image1085 DSCN1720


  1. Your pictures are just gorgeous (despite the Surrey 4x4 buggies and I know all about those...). I love the last one of the fountain.

  2. Very colourful. Pity about the buggies...and their owners.

  3. Thanks. I am amazed at some of the photos as they were taken with my mobile so wasn't sure how well or badly they would turn out.

    With that wonderful thing, hindsight, we should have gone a lot later to avoid the vehicular problems. I think you could get in until 8.30 whan all good children should be in bed!

  4. The photos are very snazzy, but I must admit I prefer Wisley au naturel, without lights - or buggies!

    I meant to say how much I liked your arboreta post at the time - looking back I see it was several weeks ago - sorry, I've been frantically trying (and mostly failing) to keep up with everyone all year.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family, Ms B!