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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Separated at birth




One of these is a baobob tree, one isn’t!

Who knows which one isn’t & what tree it is? I know, there aren’t any leaves which doesn’t help this tricky question. The ‘I am not a baobob’ was photographed in Kew Gardens.

Additional picture clue:

DSCN1753Now it’s easy!


The answer:

DSCN1754I confess to being surprised that it was a London Plane, common in London & many other cities. I have never seen one with quite such an odd shape; I am used to seeing tall rather magnificent specimens with the mottled bark being a main feature. I wonder why this one reached this particular shape & size.


  1. A wild stab in the dark. Left of the two is a lime

  2. I've noticed that tree before - weird looking thing isn't it?

  3. I think the left one looks baobobby and hte other isn't even in Kew it is somewhere else.

  4. I fear that the greenness and lushability of the grass might be a giveaway.
    There is no mention of a prize for this quiz.
    I am sure that is an oversight on your part and cakes will be delivered.

  5. Thanks for those very insightful guesses. I have now added a further photo as a clue.

    James, you are so right, as always. What a slip up on my part. The winner will get a personalised cupcake!

  6. My spell-checker corrected plane to lime. Apologies.
    Do I get a prize ?

  7. Simon, does your spell checker do the full Latin? You may be a nose ahead in the flurry of participants in theis race.

  8. Likely to be hybrid between Platanus orientalis and P. occidentalis often known as P.Hispanica.

  9. Congratulations Simon, you are the surprise winner of this outstandingly popular competition; your prize will be available at your convenience!(No pun intended)