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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Shopping was off but the autumn show was on

214 I have stretched my critical facilities to the limit recently by reviewing 2 gardens on here so it is about time for a bit of general drivel about life, shopping, autumn, whatever takes my fancy.


Now, I am aware of the phrase ‘lifestyle shopping’ but have always thought of it in relation to rather twee companies like Kath Kidson or Sarah Raven. When it comes to shopping for myself I am very much a MOR Sainsburys & Marks & Sparks sort of person with an occasional foray into a pound shop. In essence, a bit short on style & too mean to spend much.

During our recent holiday in the Cotswolds a visit to the Daylesford Organic Farm Shop was recommended. It was close so we duly made a small trek via an extremely nice pub lunch. Now I know what lifestyle shopping is! The outlets, one cannot call them shops, are set round an extremely tasteful courtyard.Daylesford I could not look at the prices in the garden shop after I had noticed a (not very large) candle in a jar for £15. The part that made my jaw drop was the Bamford Barn; now that is what you call understated! I considered the purchase of a sort of sleeveless coat which was only £1 under £2,000 whilst my husband admired a stylish trilby-like hat which was a snip at £560 or something like that – my eyes kind of blurred at that point & we hurriedly, yet tastefully left, passing many very nicely turned out Cotswold ladies that had been lunching. 


Much more my style was a foray into Batsford Arboretum, where these pictures were taken. Now I mentioned earlier my reluctance to spend money on expensive things so was delighted to find our visit coincided with the last day of free entry for RHS members.

233 219 183The arboretum claimed, on its leaflet, to be the most popular in the UK. There was no evidence backing up this claim. It was an extremely nice walk but I have been to arboretum with probably more things going on.There are plans for changes & improvements so watch that space.



  1. As I'd always thought, those country bumpkins are minted.

  2. Fab pictures particularly the ladybird. What is the tree/shrub with the pink and orange thing on it?

  3. Arabella - it's one of the spindle trees.

    Ms B - gutted that you were over this way and we didn't get to meet up! But then you were on holiday, so perfectly understandable.

  4. Arabella Sock, Vp is of course right; it is some sort of spindle tree or Euonymous but not the usual europaous or alatus Usually take a pic of the label but didn't. I love them, a bit like alien craft.

    I think the first reply from Euonymously was a clever little play on words. Hmmm, wonder who that was...

    VP I would have loved to have met up but not sure Mr B would have been enamoured with meeting up with Twitter/Bloggy people. Poor soul!

  5. One of our nearby garden centres was recently taken over and stepping through the door I was greeted with the smell of scented candles and potpourri - not a good sign. Plants have been pushed to the back.
    Arboretums are interesting if you are standing in front of the trees of the month!