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Sunday, 31 October 2010

An apple a day…..

……can be used to make one of these, a Squidgy Spiced Apple Cake

012 I was given lots of windfall un-named cooking apples by a client. With them I have made jars of apple & rosemary jelly, frozen several pots of apple sauce & made a number of variations on the theme of Apple Crumble & stumbled upon this recipe whilst browsing. Apple requirements; 1 large cooker.


Not high-end dining I know but this was delicious served with a blob of creme fraiche & some sliced cox fried with honey & calvados. The cake apparently improves with keeping so am looking forward to testing that hypothesis!


  1. Where's my piece!? You had better keep some for me/

  2. That looks yum, makes my flapjacks and Victoria sponge look boring

  3. Arabella, you may pop in for cake any time.
    PG, there is nothing boring about flapjacks & victoria sponge. This cake is a total doddle though.
    Mike, you are very welcome. Sadly I have watched too many Masterchefs so I know a pud in a 'high-end' restaurant would not be cake, but then, am I bothered?

  4. I usually skip the chutneys and go straight to the cake making. I have found cakes keep only if you make two of them.