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Friday, 12 March 2010

Guerrilla Gardening Lazy Trollop Style

015  Still no daffodils

Guerrilla gardening is a bit of a political side to gardening where direct action is taken to plant derelict areas of land. There is plenty of advice around about the whys, hows & wheres which I don’t intend to go into. Take a look at this site for more information.

I thought I might give you the Lazy Trollop take on this interesting aspect of gardening, something I am intending to participate in later this year.



Try to ensure you live in a house with a side alley. Terraced houses will provide the best setting for the impact of your surprise attack of floriferousness in which case you will be better situated in the end terrace for ease of access. Don’t make too much effort. If you don’t live in the right place then don’t bother.




001Now take some packets of hardy annual flower seeds; given away free in a magazine, handed out at a flower show some years ago or just festering in a box from goodness knows when. No need to buy specially.



Now you just chuck those seeds artistically along the sides of the alley in question making sure you don’t mess up the right of way . If you can be bothered perhaps mix the seed up with a handful of compost to give it a bit of a start.If you have any seeds left & are lucky enough to live in a street with trees, try a few seeds round the bottom of the tree along with all the usual detritus that hangs around in such places.












I will let you know what happens………………………


022Daphne bholua Jacquline Postill 


  1. Good luck with the experiment. When the weather picks up you could also try sowing some mixed salad leaves.

  2. This sounds like my style of g. gardening. I take whatever seeds I have left over and sprinkle them in fits and starts along my walking routes. (I'm totally selfish that way ~)

  3. I chuck all those seed packets you get free over into my next door neighbours wild garden (wild as in overgrown and unused). Interesting to see if any of them will actually sprout out of the sea of bindweed and weeds.

  4. I'm in favour of the renegade guerilla who sows dandelion, thistle and the like in well manicured "designer" gardens. Next step would be to break into garden centres and replace the contents of seed packets with the same wild mix. Sort of cuckoo in the nest planting.

  5. Thanks Martyn. I am assuming you are suggesting lettuce from the ornamental point of view as I wouldn't fancy them after the man who who sells fish from Grimsby, sleeps in his van all night & uses the alley as a convenience has been a couple of times :-0

    Kate, I walk through the local park to work & I guess I could chuck some apprpriate seeds along part of the route which is next to a tube line. That would not involve me in too much effort!

    I look forward to seeing the results Arabella!

    ss, a slightly twisted viewpoint there but it does have a certain merit!

  6. I think this sort of effortless guerilla gardening should suit me fine. I've stuck all my old seeds together in an envelope - now all I need to do is get around to chucking them over the wall onto the green behind the house and hoping they don't get completely smothered by ivy. If I'm feeling energetic I might even walk round there and chuck them onto the soil under the shrub (there's one, in a usefully sunny corner - the rest is just grass apart from behind our wall, where there's a tree and a lot of ivy).

  7. Nice one Juliet. Let me know how you get on.