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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Where shall I point Percy?

So dear reader, you are not interested in folk music then.

How about helping me with a bit of garden design. Well, when I say garden design I think this is probably on the fringes, niche even, possibly an edgy aspect of garden design. Or is it art?  We could even find ourselves reading about it in Thinking Gardens!

The dilemma I face is where to point dear Percy, & no, I don’t want to hear shouts of ‘At the porcelain’ thank you very much!

This is Percy…


Percy was given to us at Christmas. It is obviously well known that I am a Trollop of very poor taste who likes to place  works of art (which others might regard as tat) around her garden. With all the cold weather we have kept Percy snug indoors, but as spring approaches we need to put our minds to where Percy will be happiest & seen to best advantage by the visiting public.

The possibilities….

011 027

On the lawn……………………………. or on the deck?


      Next to the pond?


In the new bed (which should but may not be full of flowers)?


In my one tree woodland?

025 022

Under the window……………





                                                    or with the ducks?


I just don’t know.

I look forward to an avalanche of even 1 suggestion.


  1. One tree woodland
    he will be happy as a pig in .......a one tree woodland

    Avalanche over.

  2. Percy looks best in the first picture.

  3. Percy is a very hansome pig.

    He seems to look quite happy near the pond but I wonder if he might like to be near the ducks and have some company? What a dilema!

    RO :o)

  4. I like him on the deck or next to the pond. He looks like he's straining on the lawn.

  5. Thank you for that veritable avalanche of 4!

    If I read you right Happy Mouffetard, someone or something has already been straining in my 1 tree woodland. That si of course if I have read JAS correctly!

    Rob (I really think you need a bit of educating on the folk music front, I may make that a project), & RO, thanks for the suggestions. Pigs & ducks make it sound as if this is a farmyard - it is messy enough to be one.

    No consensus then. Still, what did I expect!

  6. I think the consensus is not on the lawn, so perhaps you could do this by elimination?

    I think deck or ducks look best.

  7. Now I happen to be a bit of a pig connoisseur and I think he looks happiest on the deck or by the pond. He is indeed a handsome swine.

  8. Thanks for those further suggestions pig-lovers. I suspect you are right Juliet.I could of course just move him around from time to time!

  9. I like Percy, I would love to have a Percy in the garden!
    I like Percy most on the deck or under the window with the ducks.

  10. Seeing as Monty Don has a bit of a pig obsession (Arabella's most recent post) perhaps you should ask him?

  11. A belated thanks Anneliese. As for asking Monty Donalot, he would furrow his brow, get very worthy & suggest I carry out an exercise to involve the local community before reaching any decision!