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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Tale of Two Hattiewats.


I know the RHS London Flower & Design Show is all about plants, gardens & gossip but as I joined my 100% cashmere friend, Arabella Sock, to hit the horticultural halls yesterday, we could not help but notice that we had the best 2 hattiewats by far. In fact I only spotted 2 other rather poor contenders for the crown & I feel we thoroughly deserved a Gold Medal for our seasonal display, beautifully & carefully presented. Yes, that is Gold, not any old Silver-Gilt showing you haven’t quite made it! I didn’t actually hear any but I am quite sure there were gasps of astonishment as we walked by.


004OK, after that brief interruption for flowers, & to be fair the snowdrops did look quite magnificent , it is back to the important matter of the hats. I will show you the 2 pretenders to the crown….











I am quite happy to point out their attributes: the first is very seasonal with the snowdrops but the spring effect is rather spoiled & over-shadowed by the main combination of colours, & as for the cow’s teat on the top…………. The overall effect of the second outfit was striking but I felt the wearer was making up for a rather half hearted hattiwat & hoping to blind the viewer.

Now for the important bit. Unfortunately I am unable to show you my own headgear in situ but I think you will be impressed at the magnificence of the beast I am about to show you.

010The picture does not show the object at it’s best, but you can see how it is subtle yet sophisticated, smart & suave & of course extremely expensive. The impact was awesome.

016 025

You had better see a few more flowers. I went to the same show last year & remember being totally blown away by all the jewel like hepaticas. It was like looking in a sweet shop window although the one I bought is sitting in the greenhouse whilst I carefully ponder where to put it. Not so this year.

I am never sure about the design content of this show. There seems to be barely enough to get the brain cells moving, & what there was seemed to be rather dour looking. I did decide eventually that it was probably the lighting as even the bright yellow narcissi looked rather dull.

037 048058   056

I did enjoy the show: it is a lovely way to see plants that are in season & perhaps to purchase something not otherwise easily available, but then it is very easy for me to get to. The company, as ever, was more than excellent. Oh god, I’ve just realised, I’ve become a lady what lunches!

I will leave you as I started, with the good ladies on the balcony of the Lawrence Hall.



  1. Ahem... talking about cow's teats Ms. B. your hat has a very 'interesting' nipple effect on top. Here it is in all.. not in all it's glory but it will give your dear readers the general idea!


  2. If I'm not mistaken I sat next to hat1 when I had a cup of luke warm £1.50 tea (from Leith's). So distinctive there was no way I could forget it. As I recall the rest of her ensemble was very much in keeping with the headgear.

    And the show... well I'll paraphrase the comment from a twitterer "a glorified WI plant sale". Maybe a little harsh but then if you'd spent excessive time and money attending, understandable.

  3. Ah yes, but what a sophisticated nipple that is Ms Sock.

    Simian, I think that WI comment is indeed a bit harsh on those professional nurseries attending. But I can see your point. Luckily I have a short underground trip to get to Victoria so I love popping up there. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I so enjoyed last year and toyed with going again - particularly as I was there for the plant sell off last time and then struggled with loads of bags on the tube during rush hour.

    Looks like this is one best served every couple of years or so.

  5. I have just wandered over here from TSoIG. I don't know why I have never found my way before, but it's lovely. Extra hattiewat discussions, Percy, (By the One Tree Wood, I thought, if it helps), music, culture and horticulture. What more could you ask for!

  6. Glad you had a good time. I went last year, and bought a few bits and pieces. My pale yellow Aconite was from there.

    I agree about the displays. Although they are quite inspiring, for the time of year, the lighting does them no favours.

  7. Probably not worth a frequent trip if you are coming from afar VP. I can just hop on the tube, wander round & then pop home again - unless I have a Sock leading me astray.

    Yan, you are very welcome. I haven't been doing this long (still not sure why) & I will drivel on about lots of things although I guess the gardening stuff is (just) about ahead. Thanks for you Percy vote.

    Funnily enough Rob, I wasn't even looking for anything to buy this time. I must be sickening for something - or I have come out in sympathy with my Wonga Wonga!

  8. That person modelling hat number three.
    Yes, you there.
    The one who looks as if she is bending over to sniff a passing sheep.
    That person has pinned Ms Arabella Sock's devil kitten to her hat.
    I hope she used velcro and not actual hat pins or I will be forced to summon the RSPCA to this blog.

    Also, and I hesitate to raise this matter in ploite company, what exactly constitutes a sophisticated nipple? as opposed to, say, an ill educated and uncouth nipple?

    There is no mention of cake in this blogpost.