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Thursday, 14 June 2012

How bizarre

How bizarre, how bizarre

Ooh, baby 
It's making me crazy 
Every time I look around
Every time I look around 
Every time I look around
It's in my face

OMC   Dec 1995    

Last weekend was the Open Garden Squares Weekend organised by the London Parks & Gardens Trust (whose address is Duck Island Cottage – I kid you not). Over the 2 days many squares & gardens are open, just over a hundred of which are not usually open to the public.  

On Saturday we visited 7 different gardens about which I will  (possibly) write on another occasion, but on Sunday we visited only one.

DSCN3203 DSCN3191As we stepped out of the door it looked like any mature & pleasant garden, ducks on the lawn, a nice red brick wall round the outside….it is only when you look through one of the openings in the wall that you fully appreciate where you are.


This is the Roof Gardens which are above what was the Derry & Toms Department store in High Street Kensington. You can read about them here. Now I have wanted to visit this garden for ages: it is generally open to the public but it takes something like the weekend event to push you to do something about your ambition.

DSCN3197   The upper level has a grass meadow & cow!

DSCN3207 This is the Tudor area.DSCN3208 DSCN3209

And now the Spanish themed garden

DSCN3225 DSCN3222 DSCN3214

And what is this ‘tree’ about?


These gardens are very much worth a visit but all that kept going through my head during my visit was ‘How bizarre, how bizarre’.

Oops, nearly forgot the flamingosDSCN3205


  1. Looks amazing - I always think that flamingoes are a great asset to a garden

  2. I think you are right - but where does one purchase such essential garden accoutrements?

  3. It's a lovely, fascinating garden! Always wanted to visit and good to hear it is open to the public :)

  4. I've been meaning to visit the roof gardens for a while - you've inspired me to go and have a peek!

    1. Do go. The bumph says to check a couple of days before intending to visit in case there is some do there.