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Thursday, 24 May 2012

One down, 99 to go!


It is sad I know but over many years visiting flower shows at Hampton Court & more particularly Chelsea I have looked on with more than a little envy at those people who have been invited into the sacred area that is the show garden by the designer or someone making a good job at pretending to be the designer or as important. Anyway, they hang around for a while looking smug, possibly imbibing something with a little fizz, before mwah mwah on each cheek & they swan off looking with disdain upon us mere mortal gardeners as we tug a forelock & tighten the twine holding up our patched & dirty kneed trousers.

Those of you who do such swanning around on a regular basis will read this with an enormous sense of pity, but you know, I don’t ask for much in life, just a foot upon a real live big show garden.

DSCN3131At last, thanks to the lovely Jo Thomson, I got my wish earlier this week at Chelsea. I swanned onto her glorious frothy yet sophisticated silver-gilt winning show garden, a Celebration of Caravanning, gazed into the depths of Doris, had a hug & a ‘mwah’ before swanning off again! Oh you poor ordinary garden folk.

DSCN3108 DSCN3110

I confess that flushed with success I considered shouting at Cleve West, ‘Do you remember that cake I gave you at Highgrove? Well can I come onto your garden?’ But decided not to tempt disappointment.

So, what next thing on my 100 things to do before I pop my clogs.


  1. For some reason that bought a tear to my eye - I felt quite moved

  2. That would be because my life is so sad I expect!

  3. You look beautiful!

  4. Anonymous, you are so right!

  5. Lovely pictures - I could only marvel at it from behind the rope! And definitely glorious and frothy!

  6. Lucky Lady! Funny, and if truthful, probably how alot of 'ordinary' gardeners feel :)Who wouldn't want to be affiliated, even in a small way, with the great and the good of the Gardening World?
    Your writing makes me laugh, and will check in often ... nothing wrong with being a Lazy Trollop, either! I can be one myself! :)