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Thursday, 16 September 2010

In praise of……

…. a stalwart little workhorse of a plant, Nemesia ‘Wisley Vanilla’.

I bought 6 of these in early summer to go in a window box & hanging basket,  mainly as a long flowering plant with a colour & shape contrast to Begonia ‘Something or other’. As I couldn’t be bothered to make & maintain the hanging basket 3 plants got shoved in a pot & have sat on the table outside in the garden ever since.

They certainly have flowered their socks off all summer but it took a while for their other major attribute  to penetrate my consciousness, or should that be my nasal passages! I always have pots of lilies on the decking every summer, filling the outside & inside with their very heady & heavenly scent so it was some while before I realised that the vanilla of the Nemesia in fact referred to the perfume rather than the colour. So in between & particularly after the lilies had finished pushing themselves forward like over-dressed strumpets the decking area has been delicately perfumed with the lovely aroma of sweet vanilla.

00418 July (note the ‘professional’ design drawing of the proverbial Chelsea bed)

Peak Ditrict holiday July 2010 31719 July window box performance

Image08002 August (you can just see one of those lary lilies)

DSCN1412 15 September

All this with very little in the way of trimming or cutting back. Wisley Vanilla will be back……………..


  1. Well, I'm very disappointed. Just a sweet (in both senses) white flower in a pot. Why hasn't it been embellished with five other different varieties of multi-coloured planties and surrounded by a hundred other pots of random plants, in traditional style? Huh.

  2. Gorgeous and I hate to say it but I prefer the pot with just the Nemesia. I will put this on my list for next year

  3. Anne, the multi-coloured everything else including numerous random pots is in the rest of the garden! I do try to show careful good taste from time to time.

    Helen, why should you hate to say it. One of my little pet hates is the mixed packs of various plants that get sold. I have seeds to try next year although seed growing is not one of my best features!

  4. This is one of my pet discoveries this year too :)

    AND it's a perennial Nemesia :) :)

    So hopefully the bunging it in the pot task isn't needed - just trim and go. That must be a Lazy Trollop plus point :) :) :)