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Monday, 9 August 2010

Prairie Sunday

Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 061

The Sussex Prairie garden has been on my computer list of ‘favourites’ for ages; I don’t remember where I got the link from in the first place, it just looked a really lovely garden to visit. On Sunday we made the trip, meeting up with Arabella Sock & the bedsock.

So what was it like you ask. Stunning.

Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 060Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 085 Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 126 Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 127I suppose in concept the garden is quite simple; large sweeps & drifts of perennial planting, each variety in very generous dollops. The site is surrounded by trees with glimpses of the South Downs in the gaps. What is lovely is that you can walk in amongst the planting on lots of pathways & really appreciate the contrast of textures & colours, movement & variety. Sometimes the planting is over your head so you almost get lost amongst it. There are lots of seats so you can just sit & contemplate, some in amongst the planting, some on the edge. The place was awash with bees & butterflies & dragonflies around the pond areas.

Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 078Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 068 Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 098Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 056 Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 077Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 075 Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 115There were some sculptures in the garden too, some of which worked well in my view,

Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 091others not so well

Sussex Prairies Garden Aug 2010 080Despite the look of the perennials the garden is very new & the hedging has a way to go before it has the necessary impact but it a glorious way to spend a few hours. There is a terrace where you can sit with a coffee & a delicious slice of cake &  chat about the experience. I am aiming to return for the October opening when the grasses will be at their best. Oh yes, & apparently there is an excellent pub close by.  


It is probably no surprise that the creators of the garden are working with Piet Oudolf. If you are interested the Prairie Garden has been reviewed here, here & here.



  1. Oy you've posted all the same pictures as I took!
    Great mind think alike - or is it "idiots never differ"? The pub the owners recommended was the Royal Oak at Wineham nearby.

  2. I think I took my pictures in those hours before you arrived!
    There is a bit about the pub in one of the paper reviews I linked to.