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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Is it better late than never?

Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 006 I am sitting in a very lovely cottage in the Peak District whilst my husband watches a ‘very crap game’ of football. We have no mobile phone signal but we do have Wifi & a laptop.

This situation has led me to write a little something about the Hampton Court Flower Show which I visited LAST TUESDAY! I know, why bother now you are probably thinking, but I have done my little bit about the trolleys so thought I might try something a little more serious for my own benefit, if nobody else’s.

Along with many others I did enjoy the ‘Conceptual’ gardens. These have always been thought provoking & not obvious gardens in the traditional sense

The Pansy Project was just spot on…..Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 030Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 028  Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 035

Many large gardens were disappointing.

Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 019

Dull & pedestrian.






Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 032







Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 057

Plonky planting (& this was Best in Show!)





But there was some fun too

Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 027

For once I will remember the theme of this garden!





Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 061  Who can fail to smile at Lego people





And lovely design in my opinion……

Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 133 Hampton Court Flower Show 2010 043

The floral marquee was filled with fantastic plants although it had been moved from previous years so we couldn’t find it for ages! Poor soul, I know.

There were lots of shopping opportunities which we took on with great gusto. For once most of the plant purchases were planted almost immediately. I am now hoping that my daughter is watering satisfactorily whilst I am absent!

I also met the delightful Michelle Wheeler at the show which was an added bonus.

If anyone has read to the end of this ramble I apologise. This is not really the proper time or place for this, but it had to be done. I mean it is extra time!


  1. Nice review and post. I too have avoided the big game and got back into the blogging world.

    I really like the glaring garden, but it could probably have done with a sail, or a big parasol.

  2. Hells bells, that was quick! I have just read your latest!

  3. I have just typed a comment and now it has disappeared - no idea where it went and undo doesn't redo :(

    Anyway ... I said you're not late covering this as far as I'm concerned - I haven't finished watching all the TV coverage yet. So far I think a lot of the large show gardens are disappointing this year too, but I do like the bee garden.