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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Life can sometimes get a little bit edgy

048 My favourite clematis, viticella 'Venosa Violacea'

045Perhaps I should start this with a boring post alert! Or is that a more boring than usual post alert……..whatever!

Laetitia Maklouf recently wrote about getting some young hunks to edge her beds. Lucky thing! I only had  MrB, wonderful though he is, but then he is very good at doing all sorts of other stuff too.

I designed our garden about 10 years ago when we had an extension built. I can’t really say it was re-designed as all previous incarnations were merely shifts from the original. Mind you, it had shifted considerably since we moved in. I was thinking the other day that we only have 2 shrubs left from all the plants that were here in the beginning; a weigela & a Viburnum tinus. Sorry, I have done a little more digressing haven’t I?  So, as I was saying, the design 10 years ago – we edged all the beds & the lawn with timber as I reckon there is nothing more important in a garden than a nice crisp edge to beds, borders & lawns. We just used whatever timber the builder had lying around so over the years it has gradually rotted & generally fallen upon hard times.

Over the past couple of years we have gradually replaced all the old timber,

008 009 006 culminating with the lawn edging just a week or so ago.

003It is looking good!

I know it is a bit boring & I have deliberately failed to add pics of the hunky operative & the whole garden, but it is these important little details that can make all the difference – to what I don’t yet know but one day I will find out!

Now, onto more interesting things…….


  1. Dear MsB, I cannot agree with you more. If we are to have lawn edges, then let them be crisp and well maintained. The same can also be said of the borders. It is, in my belief, attention to these things which governs the overall appearance of the garden. Look after the pennies, and all that!

  2. And indeed it does look good Ms B! I have been wondering about everedge(?) its a sort of bendy metal lawn edging, my friend across the road is installing it and i'll be interested to see how it looks. You and Mr B must have worked very hard to replace the boards.

  3. May I borrow Mr B, please? My life is never edgy, or at least the boundaries between my lawns and borders aren't. They would better be described as fuzzy, or maybe blurred. R tries to trim them when he mows the lawns but mostly the grass at the edges just bends out of the way when it sees him coming and springs up again going "ha ha" as soon as he's passed ::)

  4. Edith, you have it spot on! Juliet, you need to train up R; it makes an enormous difference to how a garden looks. Gardenlife, I don't refer to myself as the lazy Trollop without good reason! I did very little. The lawn is edged with Everedge; a bit pricy but probably worth it in the long run. Good thing weonly have atiny lawn!