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Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Despite mouth to gill resuscitation & a great crowd of me rushing round the trolley shouting BP 1 over the odds we were not able to save this, our first casualty of the worst winter since I were nobbut a lad.



Shame, it was our biggest & best with a beautiful tail.  It would have been dead before the ice encasement which makes me feel marginally better!

On the whole it is likely to be some time before we can assess if there has been much permanent damage in the garden following the lengthy spells of below freezing temperatures but some can be seen very clearly straight away.

ER 002 ER 001








My Australian Wonga Wonga vine (Pandorea pandorana), of which I am very proud, had icicles hanging off the flower buds last year but still it produced a fantastic display. I was so looking forward to this spring’s show as the plant is much bigger but I will be lucky if I get a couple of sprays.

ER 005 I should have popped this into the greenhouse shouldn’t I.

ER 008


I was very pleased to get an astelia half price in the Wisley sale. It might have been a slightly better idea to put that in the greenhouse too instead of just popping it under the table for a bit of protection! It may recover.




Still, it is lovely to see the hamamelis just starting to unfurl.

ER 010

Spring is coming……………………………. honest!


  1. Since you were "nobbut a lad".. Well Nobbut I think you are very brave to come out regarding this and quite frankly you make a very shapely lady these days.

    The poor Wonga Wonga! The poor fishywishy! Come the thaw I think it is going to be a case of 'bring out your dead'.. I hope the agave pup I gave you went in the greenhouse. It's mummy agave might be a goner now.

  2. Baba sockagave is tucked up safe & sound.

    Shapely could mean anything!